August 25, 2018  

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Saint John Dragon Boat - Your Donations


Each and every day, St. Joseph’s responds to the many needs of our patients, families and community.  Most of us at some point in our lives will experience a health concern, either personally or perhaps affecting a loved one or a friend.  

Fortunately, in partnership with the community, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation has been able to support our medical professionals with the necessary equipment to ensure superior care.  This year the Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is raising funds for the “Little Things” with patient centered care in mind.  We asked our healthcare professionals what we could do to enhance the comfort, care and safety of our patients.  The resulting wish list items will make a difference in patient care throughout the Hospital. 


Little Things” like a Fetal Heart Doppler for Women’s Wellness Centre.  Fetal heart rate monitoring is one of the most important aspects of prenatal care.  Beginning as early as the eighth week of pregnancy, healthcare providers may be able to detect the baby’s heart rate.  By listening regularly to the baby’s heart we can ensure that the baby is in good health and growing properly. 

Little Things” like a Radiolucent X-ray Chair to be used for patients who require the option of sitting upright for a diagnostic imaging procedure due to an injury or mobility restrictions.

Little Things” like Speciality Chairs, the Geriatric Medicine Units are in need of an assortment of speciality chairs that enable patients to sit comfortably and safely while providing a variety of clinical benefits including retention of muscle strength.

Little Things” like an Eye Tonometer providing Urgent Care physicians with the ability to measure the pressure inside a patient’s eye. 


The importance of this equipment cannot be overstated.  Many big things evolve from their availability: diagnosis, treatment and hopefully, full recovery. It's absolutely necessary to have them.  This campaign will touch virtually every department at St. Joseph’s.  Often it’s the “Little Things” you do that make a big difference.  

Be a part of the Magic and join us on August 27th, 2016 as we host the 12th Annual Saint John Dragon Boat Festival in support of St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation.  “Every Little thing you do is Magic”.


Funds raised supported the purchase of a new Breast Ultrasound for Women’s Health and a customized, state of the art computer system for the Health & Aging Program.

Along with mammography, ultrasound is an essential tool for diagnosing breast abnormalities, including breast cancer.  A new ultrasound will allow for better screening of young patients who may have a higher risk of breast cancer based on family history or genetics. 


High tech combines with high touch will allow elderly patients at St. Joseph’s to join the digital revolution.  From using e-mail or Skype to connect with family and friends, to enjoying mind-stimulating activities, to improving hand-eye coordination as part of a rehabilitation program, seniors with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, some who have never used a computer will now have the opportunity to enjoy technology using systems adapted especially for them.  Introducing this technology is an amazing opportunity to enrich the lives of our patients. 

Please join us on August 29, 2015 for the 11th Annual Saint John Dragon Boat Festival.  Together we have accomplished so much for St. Joseph’s and the patients we serve.  Your partnership is invaluable to us in achieving quality healthcare for all who call on St. Joseph’s for their care. 



Funds raised through the 2014 Saint John Dragon Boat Festival supported the purchase of Electrical Surgical Generator used to safely cut tissue or control bleeding, Video Tower & Camera used by Orthopaedics and Gynaecology for optimal image quality, Mini C Arm primarily used for Plastic Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery.  Usually used for patients with a bone injury, and Flexible Bronchoscope is used by Anesthetists for patients with difficult intubation needs. Also we purchased, the Operating Room Table, newer tables provide proper positioning for the surgeon to work optimally and attachments support limbs, head and neck and accommodate several surgical specialtie, Spider Arm provides the best patient positioning for shoulder, knee and extremities surgery, and ABI Doppler System used for patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease


Surgical Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital includes: Neurosurgery, Urology, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, ENT, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, and Dental. 



The 2013 Festival raised over $275,000 to support the purchase of a Surgical Microscope for Surgical Services and an Ultrasound for Diagnostic Imaging.

St. Joseph’s Surgery department sees close to 7000 patients a year.  A new Surgical Microscope will play a vital role in St. Joseph’s Surgical Department replacing aging technology and providing increased visual quality for Neurosurgery, ENT, Plastic Surgery, Urology and Orthopaedic procedures.  It will allow our surgeons to provide superior quality care to our patients.

St. Joseph’s Ultrasound Department provided over 4000 exams last year.  A new Ultrasound will help enhance diagnostic capabilities, allowing our physicians and staff to see more clearly minute tissue details for the most accurate diagnosis. Ultrasound imaging is provided for men, women and children.  Support of this new technology will give new parents the first glimpse of their baby and help intervene if they need specialized care.  In some instances this technology will be life-saving for cases such as early diagnosis of an aneurism, blood clots or cancerous tumors.

Thank you to our teams, sponsors, volunteers and donors for helping our Medical Staff see more clearly and to diagnose problems earlier.  The purchase of the identified equipment will support continued medical excellence at St. Joseph’s Hospital.


The 2012 Festival raised $253,000. to support the purchase of specialized equipment for St. Joe's Urology Department and the Prostate clinic. 

St. Joseph's Urology Department sees close to 4000 patients a year most are men seeking diagnosis and treatment for

Kidney, prostate and other health issues.  The Prostate Clinic is dedicated to the early detection and treatment for prostate cancer and disease.  Currently there is a need to purchase a Prostate Ultrasound, Uteroscopes, and Cystoscopes to ensure that the men in our community receive the most advanced urologic and prostate care possible.  St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation has committed to providing $235,000 to purchase this equipment.  The purchase of this equipment will create an opportunity for St. Joseph's to play a leading role in men's health and wellness in the area of urological disease and disorders. 


The 2011 Festival raised funds to purchase innovative equipment including a Radiolucent Spinal Operating Table for Surgical Services and a SLT Laser for the Ophthalmology Clinic at a total cost of $223,000 The specialized Orthopedic Operating Table with its 360° rotation offers advanced technology for spinal surgery positioning and allows surgeon’s unrestricted integration with start of the art Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery equipment purchased with funds raised at the 2010 Saint John Dragon Boat Festival. The SLT Laser will be used to enhance the ability to diagnosis and treat glaucoma. Early treatment of glaucoma is essential to prevent severe vision loss and blindness. St. Joseph’s Hospital is home to one of New Brunswick’s top specialized Eye Clinics and provides services to over 12,000 patients annually. The purchase of the identified equipment will continue to foster St. Joseph’s Hospital in medical excellence by providing up to date and state of the art equipment for further advancement of the Day Surgery Program and Ophthalmology services offered at St. Joseph’s.


This year's Festival will raise funds for equipment to support Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. With the purchase of a Fluoroscopy C-Arm and MIS Instrumentation, coupled with the expansion to the Extended Day Surgery Program, the Orthopaedics Department at St. Joe's will be in a position to more than double the number of spine procedures done here each year. This new equipment will allow Surgeons to minimize incision length, reduce tissue manipulation, resulting in less post-operative pain and faster recovery times.

St. Joseph 's Hospital provides Day Surgery Services for the population of South Western New Brunswick. The purchase of these two important pieces of Spinal Surgery equipment, at a total cost of $232,000 will allow patients to return to their normal activities much earlier and will dramatically improve patient outcomes.


This year we will celebrate the 5 th anniversary of the Saint John Dragon Boat Festival and we've taken on a very exciting project. Our goal will be to raise the $250,000 needed to transform a portion of our inner-city property into a Wellness Garden and Sanctuary of our patients and their families.

Four of the nine floors here at St. Joe's are currently occupied by our Health and Aging patients. Their stay can be as short as three weeks for cognitive assessment or as long as three to six months for treatment, rehabilitation or transition. Regardless of their length of stay, the Wellness Garden will offer our patients the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as part of their therapy or to simply visit with their loved ones in a relaxing environment.

Being able to go outside to feel the sunshine or check on your garden is something we all take or granted but for some people it's only a memory. We would like to provide a space so that for a least a little while, our patients can relax and forget they are confined to a hospital, “A space within the hospital that doesn't feel like the hospital”.

With your help, together we can create that sanctuary and give all of our patients at St. Joseph 's Hospital a little piece of home.


The Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is a fundraising project of St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. This year the goal of the Festival will be to raise $250,000 to expand the Extended Day Surgery Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Currently there is a challenge in the Day Surgery Unit to accommodate surgical procedures that require an extended length of stay (4-6 hours). With improvements in technology, procedures that once needed over-night hospital stays now qualify as Extended Day Surgery Procedures, saving time and resources as well as reducing wait times for patients from Sussex to St. Stephen.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Extended Day Surgery program will include procedures ranging from General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Breast Surgery and Urodynamic Surgery.

Your support will allow St. Joseph’s to expand the excellent patient care our community has come to rely on.


The goal for the 2007 Festival was to raise $224,000 for three different projects within St. Joseph’s Hospital. Once again our teams, sponsors, and especially our donors came through by exceeded this goal and raising a total of $252,000, bringing our three year combined total to over $750,000.

The 2007 Projects were:

Flexible Sigmoidscope:
Colorectal cancer is third in overall incidents and number of deaths each year. It develops slowly and occurs most often in people over 50. If detected and with early treatment, the five year survival rate is approximately 92% and is often curable. Presently over 600 patients a year are seen in the Proctology Clinic at St. Joseph’s. With the recent addition of a new physician and an aging population, it is anticipated that the number of patients being screened will increase.
Optical Coherence Tomography Machine:

St. Joseph’s is home to the only Eye Centre in New Brunswick offering a complete range of eye testing, diagnostic and laser treatments. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a new noninvasive, no contact imaging technology that captures a scan of the retina, similar to a biopsy. This technology is critical for patients suffering from retinal disease. Currently patients must travel to Bathurst or Halifax for treatment. An OCT machine for St. Joseph’s will provide health care close to home.

Video Urodynamics Equipment:

Bladder dysfunction can be embarrassing, painfully disruptive and complex. It can affect patients at any age. Video Urodynamic equipment is used to diagnose bladder dysfunction in men, women, and children of all ages.


The Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is a fundraising project of St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. Your generous donations allow us to fund these worthwhile projects as well as continue our support of the services and programs offered at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The goal of the 2006 Saint John Dragon Boat Festival was to raise $200,000 to purchase a new Breast Health Ultrasound Machine. Thanks to a partnership between St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation, and GE Healthcare, patients at St. Joseph’s Hospital can now benefit from three new Ultrasound Units.

One unit will be located in the Women’s Health Centre while the other two units will be used in the main Diagnostic Imaging Department. The new ultrasound equipment uses a medical imaging technique called Volume Ultrasound. This helps physicians to quickly and precisely perform general imaging in a broad range of clinical applications from breast and abdominal to vascular imaging. “With this new technology, we can rotate, zoom, colorize, create new views and otherwise manipulate the raw scan data that was collected to evaluate the anatomy and surrounding tissues to rule out any concerns” states Dr. John Allan, AHSC Radiologist. Thank you to the 2006 Saint John Dragon Boat Teams and their generous supporters.


The Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is a fundraising project of St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. Your generous donations allow us to fund these worthwhile projects as well as continue our support of the services and programs offered at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The first ever Saint John Dragon Boat Festival was held on August 27, 2005 at the Renforth Park in Rothesay, New Brunswick. Our goal was to raise the $100,000 plus, needed to purchase a new Mammography Machine for the Women’s Health Centre located at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Forty Five teams and over 1000 people came together that day and surpassed our goal by raising total of $171,000. As well, through a generous grant from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, an additional $125,000 was donated to make the grand total for the 2005 Saint John Dragon Boat Festival $296,000.

Through the hard work of our dragon boat teams and the generosity of the CBCF, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation was able to move our Breast Health Program into the “digital age” and purchase not only a new mammography machine, but a digital stereotactic biopsy device that will allow staff to carry out mammographic biopsies efficiently and with greater accuracy. St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation would like to thank the thousands of people that made the first Saint John Dragon Boat Festival such a huge success. To the 45 teams, over 100 volunteers, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and it’s donors, the over 7000 people who came out to take in the festival, and most of all, to those of you who so generously donated to the 2005 Saint John Dragon Boat Festival, THANK YOU!