August 25, 2018  

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 How many people do I need to form a Team?

Your team will need a total of 20 paddlers and one drummer.  At least 8

of the paddlers must be women.  You may add more people to your team

and take turns paddling if you like, just remember that you must have  at

least eight women paddling at all times.   You may want to ask a few people

to act as alternate paddlers for your team just in case you need to substitute

someone at the last minute.

Do we need a Team Captain and Manager?

Appointing a Team Captain should be one of the first things you do.

The Captain is responsible for making sure you have enough paddlers,

keeping the team informed, booking your practice time and being the primary

contact for the Foundation Staff.  You should also consider appointing a Team

Manager although it is not mandatory.  The Manager doesnít need to be a paddling

member of the team so if you have someone who would like to be involved but

isnít keen on getting in the boat it is a perfect job for them.  The Manager usually

takes care of the teamís finances and insures all moneys are passed in to the

Foundation Office and that all pledge forms are completed properly.  Both the

Manager and Captain will be invited to several meeting throughout the summer

and one or both of them should plan to attend.  If neither are available they

should send a team member to represent them.

How much is the team registration and what is it used for?

Registration fee is $1000 per team, which breaks down to less than $50 per

person.  The registration fee is used to offset the cost of operating the Festival

such as; equipment rental of Dragon Boats, lifejackets, paddles, and portable

washrooms.   Teams may have their registration paid for by a company sponsor

or raise the registration through certain types of fundraising.  Donation may not

be used towards your registration and Revenue Canada does not allow tax receipts

to be issued for registration payments.

Is there a minimum amount of fundraising we need to do?

Each team will be asked to set a team fundraising goal to help support this

yearís worthwhile project. Teams can collect pledges, sell raffle tickets or hold    

fundraisers and we can help.  We'll host an online auction, supply raffle tickets with

a great prize and help you set up your own online team fundraising page, just contact

us about how you can get started.  

Team Captains should emphasize to all team members that the Dragon Boat

Festival is a fundraising project for St. Josephís Hospital Foundation and we ask

that ALL team members do their part to help their team reach your fundraising goal.

When is the registration due and how can it be paid?

Once you have registered your team online your registration fee is due.

You may ask to have the fee invoiced to your company or sponsor, call the office

to pay by credit card or stop by the Foundation office on the main level of St. Joeís

to drop off a cash payment.  If you would like to make special arrangements to pay

the registration through your fundraising efforts please call Jill Logan at 632-5497.

Do we need any equipment?

You wonít need any special equipment to participate.  We will supply your team with

paddles and lifejackets as well as a boat and a steersman (coach) so all you need

is your enthusiasm.

Do we need to know how to paddle a Dragon Boat?

You won't need any experience.  Weíll take you out the week before the Festival

for a team practice with a qualified coach that will show you how itís done and get your

team ready for race day.

Do we need to wear anything special while racing?

The main thing to remember is this is a water sport and your teamís enthusiasm

may lead to getting a little wet.  Make sure your clothes are comfortable and

consider bringing a few extras to change into.

Wear something on your feet that you can walk into the water with, loading and

unloading the boats sometimes needs to be done from shore depending on the tides.

What should we bring to the Festival?

Teams are encouraged to set up a home base in our Team Village (the ball field

on James Renforth Drive). Bring a tent, canopy, bag chairs or anything you think

might make your day more comfortable.  You may bring food and drinks if you like,

we will have food, pop and water for sale at the Festival but having extra water at

 is your tent site is recomended especially if itís a warm day.  Some of our team

also set up a bbq for themselves.  Just remember vehicles are not permitted on the

Ball Field so you will need to carry in and out everything you decide to bring.

Where can we park during the day of the Festival?

Parking is very limited at the Festival site.  James Renforth Drive will be

blocked off and cars must have a parking permit to access the Festival grounds.

Each team will be issued a single parking pass so teams are encouraged to use

the free Park Ďn Ride that operates throughout the day. The shuttle can be

pickedup at the Kennebecasis Superstore or the Rothesay Arena and will operated

from 7:00am to 6:00pm.Spectators and volunteers are also welcome to use the

free service.

Will we have a chance to practice?

Each team will have at least one scheduled practice time during the week leading

up to the Festival with a qualified coach. Your coach will teach you the proper strokes

and dragon boat commands.  It is important to have your entire team participate in

your practice however if some members are unavailable during your time slot we

can arrange to have then practice with another team during the week.

How many races will our team have?

Each team will participate in three races (heats) throughout the day.

Your first race will be predetermined, if you have a special team youíd like to

race against we are happy to set it up.  Your remaining races will be determined

by your race results, heats will be made up of teams with similar race times.

What if we don't have enough paddlers?

If you need a few more paddlers to fill you boat let us know.  We will do

our best to have paddlers available that can join your team

I want to paddle but don't have a team?

If youíre looking to join a team we can help. Just send us an email with

your contact information and weíll match you up with a team looking for paddlers.