August 25, 2018  

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First things first.  Find 21 friends, family, coworkers or teammates that are up for

some fun and want to join your team.

Next, decide who will be the drummer and who wants to paddle, remember

you need at least 8 of your paddlers to be female.

Now, you’ll have to register your team.  The registration fee is $1000. 


1.  Ask your organization or company you deal with to sponsor your team,

tell them you’ll wear their name on your shirts and spread the word about their company.


2.  Get everyone to pitch in $47.62.  It’s cheaper than a round of golf or a

night out on the town and it helps offset the cost of the Festival.


3.  Do a fundraiser to raise the registration fee. Please make sure you let

 people know that the fundraiser is going towards your registration.


Now your team is ready to go and we can help.  

Each year the Dragon Boat Festival raises funds for worthwhile projects at

St. Joseph's Hospital.   Your team will be asked to help us raise funds for this

year's project through pledges, fundraisers and online donations.

Teams will receive a information package with fundraising ideas, instructions

on setting up your own online team page and information about the Festival.

Don't forget, dragon boating is easy and fun. We'll provide all the equipment you need

as well as instruction and a practice with one of our trained coaches.  

What are you waiting for!

Still have a few questions?  No problem, check out our FAQ or call/email Christine at

  (506) 632-5497